Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Havoyoco,s Seed Bank participated Somaliland Investment Forum (Photos)

Hargeysa (BMC)-On 19 th September, 2017, SHURAKO organized Somaliland investment forum participated variousnational and international agencies, foreign investors and local companies,HAVOYOCO participated and presented Galoley seed bank which is the first seed bank established in Somaliland in which the aim of the seed bank is to increase and improve the economy sector of agriculture, in the event it was demonstrated samples of seeds that the bank provides to Somaliland farmers, during the investment forum, participants were explained the importance of the seed bank as a Centre for restoring, storing and distributing organic seeds to feed Somaliland farmers hence promotefood security.

Galoley community seed bank was established on October 2015, and its day to day activities are
managed local community committees who were established, organized and capacitated by
HAVOYOCO, during the two years in operation the seed bank targeted more than 500 customers
including farmers in Gabiley and its surrounding villages, Government and NGOs.
Also the participants of Somaliland investment forum appreciated the huge marvelous work achieved by
Galoley community seed bank, they were all glad to see the efforts intended to restore Somaliland
organic seeds and encouraged HAVOYOCO to continue that excellent work

Also the participants and seed bank beneficiaries were very thank full to anyone who made true the
successful implementation of Galoley Community seed bank particularly DF Norway who funded initially
the project and supported HAVOYOCO to create such sustainable project.
The long term objective of the seed bank is to sustain food security and increase the agriculture
economy of Somaliland.