Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

The Ministry of Energy and minerals has presented the current Energy and mineral exploring activities in high level meeting of stockholders (photos)

Hargeysa (BMC)-The high level meeting of Energy and mineral led  by the ministry of Energy and Minerals has took place  in Maan-soor Hotel which highly organized  was participated well trained team of that ministry such from the minister to the DGs whose their lectures and presentations were clubbed how they organized guided this high level meeting, World Bank, Growth Energy Enterprise and livestock “GEEL” Somaliland Union Energy, African Development Bank, UNDP, and other Agencies.

Head of the planning department Mr Abdi-fatah who was guiding this meeting presentation and lectures has said “today we are her to discuss and highlight as all our partners locals and internationals  and also to get an update  the ground activities of ministry of Energy of Somaliland” and he added “ before we go the agenda may i welcome microphone to the Minister of Energy and minerals  his excellence Engineer Hussein Abdi Duale officially to open this ceremony ” then Minister Duale announced “I am very happy today to welcome to anybody and we are happy se to her Geel,our Par association,  ilaria Comper from UNDP ,Care , Save the Children and other representatives”

Mr. Duale mentioned that Energy sectors are moving forward in Somaliland and all  have ready made a lot of progress which will be continuous “as Energy sectors we have made a lot of progress in Somaliland and we will continues to have clear strategy to  repeal the parliament of this country to pass the law of the Energy because that is the area of challenges and the main purpose of this meeting is to provide save affordable and sustainable power for Somaliland” he said Mr. Duale.

Mr. Duale has appreciated to the donors and all independent partners Energy stockholders for their engagement who have contributed the efforts to develop Somaliland Energy sector “again I am appreciating to the donors and all independent partners for this effort to forward this Energy Sector” he said and he mentioned this is the first meeting of high level and more other updates will organized by the ministry of Energy and minerals.

There are gabs of Energy sector which needs to fill out as the minister highlighted in his opening speech “there are gabs of Energy sector which needs to fill out and today we are her discuss that main issues as ministry and our all representatives” he told. In other way the minister has suggest that things may not be overlap weather its from the donors or other  institutions who are mainly engaging in this Energy sector “ finally I would say that it may not  be overlap or duplicate weather from donors or other representatives” he remarked.

Engineer Liban whose is one of the well skilled Employee in that ministry he professionally presented main slides which was carrying out latest activities, challenges and progresses in the ministry of Energy and minerals which is going on recently  in Somaliland “very quickly starting her the act of electrical Energy which is now in the Parliament “ he told the audience whose majority of them were from international NGOs including the world Bank, African development Band and UNDP along with ministry of planning and Energy Security Resource Efficiency in Somaliland “ESRES”

The planning and the coordination sector of that ministry Mr. Abdi-fatah also has presented admirable slides which deals and emphasized both Minister and Engineer Liban along with the document has presented by the chief of the geoscientist Mr. Omer Yusuf Omer whose gave highlighted how depth the reality of Somaliland petroleum investigation program including graphics of some areas of petroleum explored already.

Mohamoud Liban whose chairing the ESRES also spoke to their main engagement of Energy power production in Somaliland regions which its benefits already have  seen and he mentioned since established ESRES the price of the unit rate of the light has reduced down from 1$ per unit to 60 0r 70 unit which highly indorsed by the local society.

Professor Ofunso A. Smorin from African development Bank has emphasized that African Development Bank will cooperate with Somaliland Government Energy sector in coming program months and he told that African development Bank was doing programs in South Somalia and spent $ 25 Millions in the reconstruction including water sector but it’s the time to do more in Somaliland programs “what we come here in Somaliland is to invest the water sector and also we become more interest Energy and that is why sides with the minister ” said by Professor Ofunso Smorin.

Finally Ms Ana from TIFS and  Ms Ilaria Comper from UNDP and other foreign participators have gave their speeches and gravely emphasized that they will work closely and efficiently will work for with the Energy and mineral ministry “we have been working with the Somaliland Government and also we will continue to  working with the ministry of Energy and minerals” Ms Ilaria Camper has remarked, in the end of that high level meeting was announced the next meeting will be the 15 January of 2018 after the new coming President of Somaliland will  be elected “now I am telling you that our next meeting will be held in 15 January after the new coming president elected for Somaliland” the minister of Energy and Minerals Eng Hussein Abdi Duale closed it to the meeting.

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