Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

High level meeting of Score project strengthening financial institutions reform toke place in Maan-soor Hotel (Photos)

Hargeisa (BMC)-The high level meeting of score project ,Strengthening financial institutions regulations and supervision reform for central Bank Act Consultation workshop has toke place in Maan-soor Hotel,this meeting consultation is to reform Somaliland Bank regulation if there is something which needs to reform, this meeting mainly will focus on the financial institution to cooperate to gather.

The Somaliland central Bank leaders  Mr Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim Governor and the general director Abdullah Hassan,Dahabshiil international Bank and representative of Somaliland remittance uninon, Memebers of the Somaliland legislation MPs. This is guiding by the team of the world Bank part led by Mr Atiq Anurwalla whose is high expert for rules of Islamic  Bank and financial systems.

the coordinator of this meeting lectures Mr Saed Mohamed Jama  has gave briefing to the participant the aim of this meeting and called it as its appears above writing title and carrying out relating issues to reform of Somaliland central Bank rules if it’s necessary     “am call Saed Mohamed Jama  the Score Project Coordinator and am very happy to welcome you everybody here” he said initially”

Mr saed has called to the flour stage the Governor of Somaliland central Bank Mr Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim officially to open this meeting and Mr Ibrahim told this is too important for the Central Bank since this project is to give support how the Somaliland Central Bank rule can deal with the other Islamic Banks weather its Somaliland Islamic Private Banks like Dahabshiil International Bank and others or as internationally “I am very delicious today to open this main meeting as Governor of the Somaliland Central Bank” he remarked.

Mr Ibrahim mentioned that Somaliland Central Bank is engaging to make reform what so needs to make change if its necessary “we as the Central Bank ready to cope with the  world Bank with this score project” he said. The Governor of the central Bank of Somaliland hopes this meeting is to be touchable and agreeable debate

The General Director of the Somaliland Central Bank Abudllahi Hassan  gave more explanation of this meeting and the exactly  massage it carries out is only about the supervision of Central Bank not any other and he  issue “if you heard conventional Bank it’s a hidden Ripo and its totally its out of our constitution” MP Saed Mohamed Elmi said while he was explaining as expert of the financial and Banking system since era of Somali Republic and he mentioned that he would recommend this meeting dialog might not create another issue of another quarrel which is relating to the Ripa “over interest” which is prohibited in the Shari law “honorable gustiest now is the time of verging election and its very sensitive this time to recreate issue of Ripa on behave of the Parliament again I would like the name of the conventional Bank should be removed from this debate” he told.

The general director of the Central Bank Mr Abdullahi Hassan also told in that conference the aim of the ,meeting was speculate  only how the central Bank is being Supervisor as like other Banks of the world but not to discuss in this meeting weather part of the Ripa is to take or not “as the general director of the Somaliland central Bank is not to discuss here today Ripa and convention of Banks and i am  highly emphasizing all talking about the word convention is to remove this debate meeting” he said

Dr Abdi-qani Beder remebered the participants that everybody should not think that Halal is not enough for the Human being and Haram is enough but the Halal is too enough for everybody “respecting all of you am remembering you anybody of us he or she may not think that Halal isn’t enough for us and Haram is enough”Dr Abdi-qani  he said.

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