Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Launch Ceremony Five Years Of Strategic Plane Of Somaliland Central Bank 2018/202 Held In Ali Jirde Hore (Photos)

Hargeysa (BMC)-The Somaliland Central Bank has launch with in a big Ceremony the Strategic Planning of the 2018/2022 at the Ali Jirde Hotel, as well as high level Meeting organized by The Central Bank was  preciously participated the President Of the Somaliland Central Bank.

Mr. Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim, his voice Professor Yusuf Omar Buh,the General Director Of the Bank Abdullah Hassan,Uninon of the Somaliland Remittance, General Director of Finance Ministry and the lower of the Central Bank Activists and Media.

The Coordinator  of that Launch Ceremony Mr. Mustafa said “we are very glad today as the Somaliland Central Bank to came for us for this gladly launch of the coming five years of as 2018/2022 planning of the coming five years for our schedule for the Central Bank Activities”

Coordinator of that Launching ceremony has welcome to the podium General Director of the Somaliland Central Bank Mr. Abdullah Hassan who’s got highly uploaded for his talent and tireless in his position of succeeding this precious role and he highlights some points in which this launching strategic planning process has had in the past.

Mr. Hassan after his thanking full for his Boss and also all other subordinate of Central Bank weather in Hargeysa or like other Branches of Somaliland Regions administrative heads “As General Director On behaving of Central Bank Somaliland I am too happy lastly to reached this happy day” he said.

“Today we called you as our honorable financial institutions led by Dahabshiil International Bank, Darasalam Bank and Premier Bank including whose we gave them the license to inform them where the Central Bank is and its going” he added, The General Director also mentioned as Central Bank they want their schedule plane of above date to know by their private colleague Banks “we the Central Bank want our Private Banks to know our schedule plane of 2018/2022” he told the Audience in that meeting.

The Private Bank head those were delegated to attend this launch ceremony of Somaliland Central Bank Strategic Plane 2018/2022 such like Dahabshiil International Bank, Darasalam, and And Premier Banks told they are very glad to this launch Ceremony and also will do what eve rules comes from the Central Bank of Somaliland “on behaving of the Dahabshiil International Bank and our other counterpart Banks its compeller to us to accept any rules and regulations from the Central Bank” said by Abdul-hakim Mohamed from Dahabshiil Bank.

“no any other choice for the Private Banks besides to bend down their head accepting the Central Bank Rules” he added and justified “this is the part of the Central Bank Progress and it’s not only for the Bank but even its our benefits as private Banks” he told.

The Head of Darussalam Bank Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim his side highly endorsed that They use to work with the Somaliland Central Bank and now are ready to do more work with the Central Bank “As Darussalam Bank we use to work with the Central Bank of Somaliland and now we are ready step forward working with the Central Bank of Somaliland in the near future” side by head of Darussalam Bank Mohamed Ibrahim.

Also Chair of the Remittance Union Mr. Muse underlined they will fulfill all the rule from the Central Bank Of Somaliland as before they use to do “before we use to respect all the rules form the Central Bank and now and later we will go ahead to fulfill the Central Bank Rules” side by Mr.Musa

Mr. Liban Ismail Ali who was behaving on Premier Bank has extremely explained a lot and potential activity investment they done for some Hargeisa Habitants particularly vulnerable people like charcoal sellers, hose shiners and the Market Brokers “As Premier Bank we are newly opened in Somaliland but we do a lot for the Vulnerable Society investment and we don’t ask them any undertake as like other Banks and only what we request them to bring us is the identity of the Somaliland Nationality ID Card” he said “

Mp Saed Mohamed Elmi whose expert for financial and once was vice this Central Bank urges Private Banks to not hesitate for what they can stands up with the Central Bank not only to accept its rule “I familiarly know what the current needs of the Central Bank and I want from you to make clear what as private Banks what you can donate for the Central Bank” he told.

The End of that Launch Ceremony strategic plane gave the micro phone to the President of the Somaliland Central Bank Mr. Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim and he stood up with clear and smile face made by how deeply he was glad to chair like this anticipated day “today it’s the time we were waiting for it long time because ever thing is clear for us” he opened his speech.

“Am thanking for PM Saed for his giving more citation related to the Central Bank but am telling you that Our Central Bank has two Names Central Bank and Somaliland Bank ” he told, the Chair of Central Bank added  that Somaliland Shillings which Commercial Bank is to be used is handing by the Central Ban and the Private Banks are not still exercised” he told.

Finally  The Governor of the Somaliland Central Bank Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim,his vice Professor Omar Yusuf,General Director Mr ABdullahi Hassan,Iid and independent expert Mr Salan has gave award of honor Certificates to prominent figures of the  Central Bank Subordinates.

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