Published On: Mon, Nov 6th, 2017

The Five Year Strategic Plane Of Somaliland Central Bank Conference Has Recognized Premier Bank for the best Investor Of the Year 2017

Hargeisa (BMC)-The Development of an Society is Highly Depending on how its own economic Growth Developed and its  well organized , since 1991 When Somaliland Independent Was formed from the rest of Somali wide 18 May In Burao Society level of Growth Economy was increasing quarterly or yearly while the both hostilities of Mohamed Siyad Barre and in Somaliland Clans leaved also healing among the Somaliland Society which seamed eye outside Somaliland is an small peaceful and swiftly recovered all passed hostiles.

The Peace and stability in Somaliland has made possible growth of the  Economy  made by private sectors both locally and Diaspora who returned from out see of the country but Government past and present committed to create peaceful atmosphere and commit-table ground in which was not made easily but it reached consensuses between all the clan sides of Somaliland Society.

Coming to the point of this article Premier Bank is the most one quickly moved forward  having  un hidden rule for the Growth Economy of Somaliland since it joined to the stages of competition Banks  earlier this year where Dahabshiil and the Darussalam Banks were the only none rune state Private Banks exist in Somaliland.

Tuesday on Last week was big day for the Somaliland Central Bank when high level meeting led by Central Bank has gone in Ali Jirde Hotel in which has titled “The 5 years Strategic Plane of Somaliland Central Bank 2018/2022” which participated leading Central Bank and outside expertise those have prepared schedule of this 5 year Strategic plane including Premier Bank which has got most hearts of the participants giving clubbed for their clear and touchable investment during this for different vulnerable parties of the Somaliland Society.

Mr.Liban Ismail Ali  was given the last speech Banks but it doesn’t mean it was not necessary but actually become who  got the clubbed by all participants because he gave colored and admirable sense words which made all the Audience to look direct on his body speech with laughing and clubbing while he was Addressing in the stage.

“On behave of the Premier Bank its honorable for me to participate this precious meeting of five years strategic plan of the Somaliland Central Bank which is emphasizing development Central Bank and cooperation with all the different sides weather its Central Bank or Private Banks” said by Liban Ismail Ali who is the selling and marketing department head.

“as I see today is some modern activities which can be get in  touché  to the new world business and also will develop our new guide economic growth like financial activities in our country including how we deal with the outside relationships” he said.

Mr.Liban told there are already some systems used by the Private Banks with some Obstacles surrounding them “private Banks” but today I see the Central Bank which is the mother of the Private Banks is step forward and stand up to defense needs activities for it as he believes “i think you know we have problem in sending money for some countries like more questions for the receiver that money or lately cause money to be send back in to the country but to end over that problem is  only be possible when the Governmental Financial institutions become more powerful” mentioned by the Premier Bank Delegator Mr.Liban.

While the podium was Addressing By Liban all the tensions of the participants were flying with his senses full speech words and no one was losing his tension to Premier Bank Speech because his speech was touching the reality investment sector of the society.

“Its pleasure for us to see that Central Bank is engaging today to improve its financial power system as its seen in here the strategic plan for the five years of 2018/2022” added by Premier Bank

Premier Bank took a different side speech of other its counterpart Banks Dahabshiil International and Darussalam both two other Banks were too emphasized as they are ready to cope with the Central Bank and bend down to the Bank rules but Premier Band has gave father details which they did not talk About as social needs and how they tackled some social suffers by given small investments to the parties of  vulnerable people like Woman Charcoal sellers, Shoes Child Shiners and Brokers whose covered their family life only hand to mouth.

The most colored point speech words which highly fascinated by the Event Participants used by Premier Bank was not only some amount they have given those we mentioned above but also their unique techniques which they sue for their dealing with the benefiters which is totally different from like other private Bank’s techniques when they are dealing with the invest mentees because we know that Banks did not pay unless they ask you to bring undertaker but Premier Bank not do that.

But What does it trusting people only for their having National identity ID Cards proving as they are Somalilanders “We the Premier Bank deal with the people the easiest way as they can and we don’t ask they besides they are Somalilanders when they brought to us their identity Nationality ID Cards” he told and immediately he said those words event Hall seats clubbed one time.

Premier Bank told its duty on all Financial Private Institutions especially itself to obey the Central Bank Rules and work with it “its duty on all the financial private institutions to obedience  all the Central Bank Rules and work with it especially Premier Bank because Private Banks cannot work without the Central Bank Rules” he said.

Premier Saying cooperating with Central Bank it will answer current Social needs as well as they “Investments” also Premier told it steps for word quickly since it was working only one year in Somaliland and developed part of the modern Technology which existing before but it doubled its acceleration and passed other Banks “Premier Bank is existing in Somaliland only one year but it’s done quick moving forward development like Master card which it was too needed in the country”  Approximately 3’000 people has already taken to the Master cads from Premier Bank as  Marketing department head Liban Ismail is explaining “as Premier Bank we paid 3’000 pieces of Master Cards and the most users are the  Agencies and Students whose leaving inside and outside of the country” he said.


Every one of the three Private Banks was given honorable speech to give father explain to words in what facilities they do for Society and kind of investments also they do it for the people of Somaliland but the Premier Bank delegator speech was only one whose being recognized is the best Bank in Somaliland of this 2017 year according to the state Ministry of plaza Presidency Mr. Mohamed Musa Abees who smiling and happily announced “am thanking for Premier Bank which I see it’s the best investor Bank of this  year in Somaliland according to their clear explanation for their investment Activities in Marodijeh Region and other rest of the Somaliland as described by that Premier Bank delegator” said by State Minister Mohamed Musa Abees.

Also Mr. Abees added “what am again giving platter for Premier Bank is for their quick moving forwards in according to the short time they existing in Somaliland” said by State Minister Mr. Abees pointed out “the Premier Bank Speech was very sweet and its deserve to be followed” told by the State Plaza Minister Mohamed Musa Abees and big Clubbed started whole participants.

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