Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

Please Take part to Change Faaiso’s life -Medical fund

Hargeisa (BMC)-It is reported that a well-known militiaman from the semi-autonomous Somali region of Puntland has shot a young woman in the Somali city of Bosaso then was helped fled the region to the southern city of Kismayo, by his fellow clansmen.Cabdiqaadir Warsame Ahmed (alias Sanka) age not know has shot and seriously wounded 15-year-old Faa’isa Cabdi Xaye in her Vagina areas of her body on 27 October 2017 after she had resisted his attempt to rape her. Faaiso is now being treated at Digfeer Hospital, Mogadishu, but the Hospital lacks the medical Equipment and skills as well as medicine required to treat her,  so the only option for Faaiso,  is to seek to treatment abroad.

Cases of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), as well as mistreatment woman, is endemic in this part of the world due to prolonged civil war. However, it is women and young mothers who are bearing the brunt of human rights violations and rape in this region, although sexual abuse cases are also being reported in other parts of the country.

The perpetrator who works for the anti-terrorist agency of Puntland region had been freely living in Bosaso city before he fled to the city of Kismayo despite the serious human rights violations he had committed and the local authorities have not done any attempt to arrest him.

Faaiso’s health condition has now deteriorated and she needs a specialized treatment which can only be accessed outside the country.  I am therefore attempting to raise funds for Faasia for the sole purpose of accessing urgent medical assistant to help save her life, treat her wounds, and reconstruct her vagina, uterus and her womb.

About me.My name is Nassir Hassan and I live, London, United Kingdom, I do not know  (faaisa), However, I know her family very well and we are from the same area of Somalia.
I am helping to raise funds for the sole purpose of assisting her so that her life can be saved and her serious wounds can be treated so that she can have bright future,  but most importantly, to get her personal dignity back.  100% of any funds raised will go to her.
I have the contact details of  Faaiso’s father and uncle and any funds raised will be sent to them via UK (London) based Dahabshill Money Transfer ( a well known and vetted Money Transfer Company used by the Somalis in the diaspora and Aid agencies. This process will be 100% transparent and a proof will be provided to all those have interest in Faaiso’s case.

Thank you.Source:gofundme.comm