Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

High level meeting gives Algals enhancing and supporting in the coming 5 years by VNG held in Algasl Hargeisa Center (Photos)

Hargeisa (BMC)-A High level meeting of  Algasl (Authorities of Somaliland local Governments Association) and  the top administration of their counterpart of Netherland local Governments association As VNG ” have highly discussed and exchanged the projects that VNG will give support to  the  Algasl the coming 5 years projects in order to enhance Somaliland local Governments to provide their societies   all necessary need as well as Algasl to be  independent Association which can cover all its duties.

this conference has been attended  8 district mayors such Marodijeh, Abdirahman Mohamoud Aided “Soltelco” Mayor of Bebera Abdishakor Mohamoud “di-in” the Mayar of Gebiley Mohamed Amin, mayor of Borama Mohamoud Maydane,Mayor of Saila Hussein Idle,Mayor of Burao Mohamed Yousuf Abdirahan “Muraad” Mayor Lasano Abdi asiis and Mayor of Oodweyne as well Algasl and VNG Officials Mr Chris Vand the manager of the VNG and project Manager Mrs Susan.

The aim of this meeting is to create good  atmosphere and that can be work to gather as Algals and VNG in the coming 5 years including a lot of  money projects and trainings and capacity building given to the Algals and its employments to make satisfaction for the public demands like Roads,education,health,electricity,clean water and ect.

the VNG manager Mr Chirs has well presented his presentation which was admired by the Mayors  and also Algals because of Mr Chris highly mentioned that presentation all the points that Algals and the Mayors were looking for long time.also the both sides exhibited their ideas to wards how this new initiative supporting projects given to the Algals by the VNG in the above mentioned time.

and the other hand also Mrs Susan has presented a precious presentation which was taching the real aim of that project which carrying out the real results that will be in the end of the component of this working to gather both Algasl and its counterpart VNG.

Mrs Susan,s presentation was very applicable and carrying out part of Somali cultural like camel watering system which was idium and means that VNG doesn’t want dictate all but Algasl has whole idea to which this program is being doing in both by Somaliland local Governments,Algals and VNG.

while the presentation was going on questions from the Mayor also was throwing to the presenters backing back the answers to the Mayors, in the end meeting was divided into two groups and deeply discussed what Algals wants in the future Somaliland local Governments to be like after  that above mentioned time.

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