Published On: Fri, Apr 7th, 2017

New airstrike of US has launched on Syrian Airbase in Sharmad military zone

Sharmat (BMC)-Donal Trum has ordered new air strike on syria Airbase military zone to to be crashed and last night us military has launched  59 missiles from two warships and it has been thrown to the syrian air Sharmat air base military zone.

Syrian force spokesman told to the Syrian television  that all the us strike missiles missed their target place but only 26 missiles were done as it been thrown directly to their targeted area,also that spokesman highly condemn this barbaric strike which killed only civilians and two military soldiers while another two was borned while they were trying to put off fire smoke leaved by this strike of us missiles.

another hand world reacted differently this us strike on Syria base military force ,Turkish,Saudi arabia,Germany,France and uk welcomed this us strike and named it as needed steps to be taken before while the Syrian regime Bashar Al Assad alliance condemn like Russia,Iran and Hezbollah and pointed it as barbaric and only civilian killing .

so far casualties reported are 9 civilians majority of them are Women and children but may be more than that is  still under way to be reported later on.

however this new strike done by the us military force it may smokes up the tragedy of the region which was already interfered  by both US and Russia and created none stop civilian killing daily in Syrian territory while the sleeped leaders of Arab countries are watching what is going on the region.

Hargeisa Office