Published On: Mon, May 8th, 2017

Civilian Buses rejected to pick up the people alleging for the Dollar inflation in Hargeisa (photos)

Hargeisa (BMC)-The Civilian Buses stopped to pick up the civilian people after the dollar rate Accelerated the highest in Somaliland history first of one usd is exchanging into Somaliland Shillings to 915 while the second hand rate is 928.

therefore Bus drivers told to their administration office to add 500 of Somaliland shilling and complete rate of the bus into 2000 of Somaliland shillings but the chief officer of the bus union reject that new addition of the bus rate which the bus drivers drivers opposed to obey their Boss order.

that quarrel of  among the bus unions affected civilian people created shouting and demonstration against the bus union drivers ” they increased the rate bus money and add it t 500 shillings and we are against that” said by one of the University Youth”

another hand we asked one of the bus union drivers why they rejected to pick up the people as usually for 1500 of Somaliland shillings and he said “the problem is not the addition of the 500 to the rate of the bus but it,s the  quarrel among the bus union chief and other drivers”

that is caused number of civilian people to crowd into the checkpoint of the bus station in Jigjiga Yar near to the Admas University ” all the problem is the government because it failed to to control the exactly rate of the civilian buses” said that one of those crowd civilians.

this  may be is create a big chance to the Tax drivers whose highly challenging and made to the bus daily income but yet not clear what the next step will be the coming 24 hours since this inflation is dangerously affecting hundreds of the vulnerable society of Somaliland whose were fed up with this inflation including the hard life challenging.

Hargeisa Office